Kidnapped by the hot beast (Part 4, page 4 of 9)

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Part 4

I was panting. I didn't stop at once,not even to look if they were still following me but the splashing sound following me told me all.

My legs already felt weak and I even tripped once but quickly regained my pace.

When it had been quite a long time, my legs were already giving me. I wasn't a good athlete eversince.

I used to ditch my P. T classes. Even my P.T teacher said once : "Ashley someday you would regret it not taking P.T seriously "

I always used to laugh it off.

Its 21st century,not a jungle where I would be chased by a hungry lion.

Just now I conceived the true depths of his statement.

Just on a turn when I was about to fall from exhaustion one of the three men appeared out of nowhere.

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