Kidnapped by the hot beast (Part 3, page 4 of 8)

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Part 3

Then I turned over my toes and left. Its been long since I've dated anyone.

My relations donot last long. For certain reasons none could dare to approach me in high school. But even after that, its already been 2 years and I dated a couple of guys. It is just suspicious. We had a very good time together then suddenly they started ignoring me and broke up without any explanation.

One of them even disappeared mysteriously after breaking up with me.

I didn't take that to heart because I wasn't into them too much. And that can't hurt my self-esteem because I know I'm beautiful and I don't need anyone else to tell me this.

I'm a sort of easy going person. I take things positively and enjoy life to its full. I love to make people happy. I believe in being a gift to others, not a burden.

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