Kidnapped by the hot beast (Part 9, page 3 of 10)

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Part 9

I looked at a black dress and just


I knew I would never be able to wear such a piece of clothing,not in a lifetime.

I was going to wear this to meet Ian?


"And what if I deny to wear this", I murmered.

She gave me a cold death stare like I've grown three heads.

"Then I will have to report it back to Mr Ian and he would decide how to deal with the defiance",her voice holding a cold threat like it won't end well for me.


Okay its not a big deal besides I do want to wear that dress.

"I'll wear it"

After an hour of bathing, scrubbing, drying, dressing, combing, hairstyling, wearing accesories, shoes and caking up, I was finally ready to see Mr Sandars, Emiley words not mine.

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