Kidnapped by the hot beast (Part 9, page 2 of 10)

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Part 9

"I'm Emiley Smith Mam. I've been personally appointed by Mr Sandars as your personal attendant."

I frowned.

I would've happily accepted it if this wasn't from my kidnapper.

"Ooooooooooookay?", I said expecting her to continue.

"Mr Sandara have specially requested your presence for the breakfast. I'm here to get you ready for the appointment"


He has to pull the drama?

"Okay I got you", I didn't yell at her though I wanted to.

Who is he to tell me what to do!

Appointment my foot.

But I knew the girl is only practicing her job. She shouldn't be a victim to my anger.

"And what do you mean by getting me ready?"

She clapped and a series of girls in maid uniform entered holding clothing items.

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