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Part 2

Two young adults on vacation with their seven year old twin girls in the mountains woke up to their daughter Abby yelling sissy is gone. The Garrisons searched for her She was nowhere to be found. The Garrisons called the park rangers. The rangers called for more back up Before long there was so many different law enforement officers searching all over the mountains for the missing girl.

​ After several weeks of searching without any sightings of the girl or her remains the seach was called off..The Garrisons was told by then their little girl had to be dead by either the elements or the wildlife that live there. They were told to go home and take care of the child you do have. They didn't want to. Deep in their hearts they felt she was still alive They went home heartbroken..

​ At first the couple left their little girl Gabbiy's room that she shared with Abby just as it was before that day Gavin and Abilene Garrison wished they had never went on vacation Their daugther would be safe and in their arms. Abby's prinicipal at school called the Garrisons and suggested that they talk to a family counsellor. Abby was having problems at school.

The Garrison attended the family counselling sessions and found out that it would benefit Abby to either redo that room taking all of Gabby's items out of it or if they had another room move Abby into that room. Gavin and Abilene decided to move Abby into the loft part of the attic. They had talked about making it into a art studio for Gavin. They looked at the loft then the garden house

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