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Part 1

​ Tim and Samatha Hamiliton fell in love while they were seniors in the Highland High School. They attend the Highland Community College then transfered to the Shipton regular college. They both got a degree in coporate law.Shortly after college they got married. After seven years ot trying to have a baby. Samatha just thought she had came down with a touch of flu, When she went to.her doctor to get another month;s of birth control pills .She told her doctor how she was feeling. He had her give them a urine specimen. The test showed she was a few weeks pregnant

​ She was afraid taking the birth control pills those six weeks before she found out might have done something bad to her unborn child. Further testing showed the baby was alright. The doctor sat her up on a vitamin and diet regimen On December the sixteenth she had a beautiful boy. He was very attached to both of his parents. After work when Tim got home little Timmy didn't lose sight of him for one minute. Both Tim and Samatha would give him his bath then read him a story.They bundle him snuggly in his bed. they turn on his monitor and would retire for the night

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