Justice Comes In All Sizes (Part 3, page 1 of 6)

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Part 3

Alexis Smith Harmon was born and raised untill she was a teenager by her mother and mother's parents Deorge and Grace Smith. Her mother Elizabeth remarried a man then decided not to make her daughter moved overseas with them. She was almost all grown up at the age of sixteen. She had been friends with her school mates for years. She didn't want to move.

Her grandfmother needed extra help around the house. She enjoyed helping her grandfather with the farm animals epecially the horses. Old Besty the only dairy cow loved to come stick her head into Alexis's window during good weather. Besty would moo to wake her up very early in the morning. She didn't mind except on Saturdays but still the animals had to be fed. If Alexis wanted to sleep later she would go upstairs to the extra bedroom

​ After graduation from high school she attended the state university college three hours away. She stayed with a couple of college mates to share the cost. She took a part time job whoch kept her from going back home as much as she wantd to. Her grandmother had recovered from her fall . She was back up and doing everything that she had been.before her accident.

​ Summer was coming quickly. Eveyone at school was nervous about their finals. Alexis told one of her room mates she knew she would be fine on her finials but she waa worried about a new person at college. She had over heard him and a man that she didn't recognized from the college . They were arguing over something but Alexis didn't hear all of it but knew it wasn't good... The other man gave her the creepy jeepy's..

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