Justice Comes In All Sizes (Part 5, page 1 of 5)

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Part 5

The town of Mansford police department recieved a 911 call to a vacant lot just out of town. A teenager walking home from school found a dead body. When the police arrived they discovered the beaten and strangled body of Mindy Shaw She was born in Mansford Her family moved out of town when she was a baby .The familyt had moved back to town a few of years before when their parents was arrested.Cindy Shaw was just a baby.

‚Äč Mindy's younger sister Cindy just started her junior year in Mansford high school. The police homicide unit was investigating her death when another girl came up missing. The missing girl was Cindy Shaw She was found two days later in the same condition as Mindy There was no identification on her body.. The coronor ran dna on both bodies and they were identified as siblings.

The homicide unit arrived at their home. They asked their grand parents to come and identified the bodies. The detectives was baffled on the motive for the two murders. Who would want them dead? What could these young women have done so bad to have deserve someone killing them. Could both of them been involved in something criminal? Could they have witnessed some kind of wrongdoing?

There was so many unanswered questions.. When the police ran out of leads they closed their case listing as unsolved. Mindy and Cindy parents was listed as suspects even though they hadn't been in the girls lives ever since they were arrested for drug charges. Mindy and Cindy's grandparents was awarded custody of the girls When they were released from prison they moved out of the country.

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