Just A Number (Part 1, page 2 of 9)

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Part 1

'Hey Lewis!'

He smiled as he saw his two best friends, Robert and Gregory. 'Hey you two!'

'Have you heard the news?' Gregory asked as they headed inside.

'What news?'

'Mrs Hedging has finally left.'

'About time too, she looked like she was about to drop!'


'Well it's true!'

Martin shook his head at his friend’s uncouthness. 'Go on then brain-box, who do we have instead?'

'A Mrs Knight.'

Martin slammed his locker door shut. 'Right! Well let's not keep her waiting.' Suddenly a group of boys rushed past them giggling. 'Hey! Walk!' They slowed right down.

'Oh come on old sport, cut them some slack, you remember what it was like.

'Yes! And you should be setting an example, we are prefects!'

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