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Part 1



Martin Lewis opened his eyes as he heard the letter box go. He groaned and looked at the clock, it was seven. Slowly, he swung his legs round and blinked as he tried to wake up. Heading downstairs, he picked up the letters, he looked through them; bill, bill, Decree Absolute, no doubt with the solicitor's bill attached to it. Suddenly, he saw a letter that made him freeze - it was handwritten, slowly, he ripped it open as he headed into the kitchen; he read the letter and then found that he had to sit down. Slowly his thoughts began to drift...

Chapter One


St Ives looked intimidating with its big turrets and traditional iron gates. Martin Lewis looked up at it and felt a warm feeling; it was as if he had come home. At eighteen, it was his last year and then he could think about attending university.

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