JACK MEETS JILL (Part 3, page 1 of 3)

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Part 3

Jack always playful, wasn’t worried about his business or career.

All he wanted in his life was to be entertained.

When his father was paralyzed, Jack was perplexed and it was like a catastrophic event in his fun life.

Completely shattered Jack was and never knew the importance being an entrepreneur’s role.

He being the CEO of his company, it was like walking in the sky to Jack.

Jack steps towards his father’s room and looks at him in a sad face and walks near him.

Pulls the chair and sits beside him.

Augustus tries to speak to his son, but he fails due to paralytic stroke.

He tries harder to communicate to his son, Jack holds his hand and tells his father, “Dad I understand your pain and moreover your worry about your company.

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