Is this love or lust (Part 1, page 1 of 1)


Part 1

Phone rings

" Hey sleeping bird "

Smiles " yeah Mandy . How you?"

" I'm pretty good and you?"

" I'm fine. It's summeerrr"

" I have plans. Like I won't Miss fun"

" I just plan to catch up with my sleeping schedule . Then maybe looking forward to seeing Liam these holidays"

" You know I don't really trust this guy. He looks too shallow"

" No I know hé is not like that"

" You don't know him stop being too confident "

" I know him"

" Knowing someone online doesn't mean you really the person. Like you've heard about catfish? "

" We do videocalls and he is my boyfriend and plus hé promised to come and see me. I know this isn't easy but I know we'll figure things out"

" Do you love him? "

" Yeah of course "

" I just think you like him because of his look "

Upset " how Can you Say this "

" I'm sorry but you don't know him"

" We've been texting for a year and a half and I think I know him enough "

" Listen to me . I don't feel his vibes he might end up breaking you. You are too sentimental and plus you're the Christian type"

" What do you mean?'

" I know this kind of boys. He'll obviously ask you for things you can't afford to do"

" No. Stop worrying"

" Dingdong? It's a distant relationship you think he won't ask certain things?"

" Well he has kind of changed since hé got his new phone and got the job "

" How? "

" Hé now acts like he is superior to others and really likes posting boogie stuffs on his status and not forgetting the half naked girls "

" I see the kind"

Sighs " I don't know i'll just try to make things work out .I feel like he is my right "

" Don't hurt yourself dear. "

" We'll talk later now I have to do the house chores and After I have my videocall with him"

" Ok later" hangs up


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