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Part 1

Judge Waters had been elected Circuit judge of one of his state's biggest cities just a couple of hours north of the state's capital city and frequenly traveled down there to visit an old friend who he had attended law school together and had some interesting fishing and hunting trips with.. Ellis was a well known lawyer in the capital and Alex Waters had made a name for himself as fair and ruled strictly by the book. He had put people away for check fraud, rape, and even murder.

‚Äč He was about to end his second term as a circuit judge and wasn't sure if he would run again or take some time off and enjoy the companionship of his siblings and friends. His file clerk Jen thought he might be getting serious about one of his fellow apartment dwellers who was a dog handler and even took in a young boxer named Butch. Alex seemed almost in seperable both with the dog and the dog handler Jen liked the dog handler but she didn't think she was Mrs. right for Alex

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