Invisible - And My Home Is Black (Part 4, page 1 of 3)

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Part 4

The book, “When Ghosts Speak,” indicates that in order to speak and get across to Spirits, it would be best to write what you have to say. So I’d write:

“To My Beautiful Spirit Friends: If you wish to return home to Divine Love, where a celebration awaits you, I will get you there. At 10:00 pm, those wishing

to leave, can leave. You can either stay here with me until that time, or leave to say your good-byes. I promise, there will be no punishment. I wouldn’t

send you to a place where you’d be harmed. God, family and friends anxiously await your return!”

In October, 2008, I wrote a note to the Spirits and left my apartment. When I returned, it was after 10 pm. I logged on to my computer and started playing

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