Innocence to Bravery (Part 10, page 2 of 5)

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Part 10

Adhira went to her college neatly dressed up in orange color chudidhar. She had worn light make up and also applied lip balm.

Arya on the other hand spent his day at office. When it comes to work he forgets everything and focus only on it. He saw a guy who was playing near the fire so he shouted in his top voice as,” You there, don’t play at office. It is not a playground. Get the hell from there.”

They guy saw Arya who was showing an angry face to him as he had never seen him screaming before. Whenever he spoke to him he had seen Arya who had been so calm, composed but today he had seen a different face which showed his anger. Everyone around the guy tapped his shoulder and asked him to move away.

The guy then walked to Arya and asked,” Sir, I am sorry.”

Arya nodded his head and went back to his cabin. The rest of the staffs saw that guy who was still standing in corner upset. They went to him and asked,” What happened?”

“No. Arya sir have never shouted like this to me but today he did. I just can’t believe it. That is it. What did I do like that?”

“Oh! It has been only 3 months you joined right. Actually Arya sir is a nice person but he is short tempered. Also he shouted at you as he saw you playing near the fire.”

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