Innocence to Bravery (Part 9, page 2 of 3)

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Part 9

Adhira nodded her head as YES then continued,” I like him but still….”

Lakshmi gripped her hands and said,” None will stop you from helping your family. Is that clear. So, Shall I consider your YES and proceed?”

Adhira placed her hands above Lakshmi and nodded her head. Lakshmi asked Gayathri to get some sweets for her and fed to Suresh and her. They spent some time talking about Arya and his childhood memories then around 5.30pm they informed everyone and started to head to their home.

Lakshmi spoke up,” Wait a minute” and signaled Gayathri to call Arya.

Arya came out and saw them who was standing near the door. Lakshmi spoke up,” Are you going to allow your fiancé to go home alone? Go along with them.”

Arya then saw them and walked with them. He wore his slippers and found her slipper which was next to him. She came near him and wore hers without even realizing the fact that she was near to him.

Arya moved away still remembering the circle that he drew. Adhira then wore it and started to walk towards her home along with her brother. Suresh kept on talking to Arya and he replied to him with patience. Adhira saw them and understood that they were bonding so well.

They reached Adhira’s home so Suresh saw him and waved him bye while Adhira saw him in depth who had small eyes and eyebrows yet was like spiritual. Arya saw her leave so she spoke up,” Wait a minute.”

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