Innocence to Bravery (Part 7, page 2 of 6)

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Part 7

Suresh then commented,” Oh! Sis, why are you gazing the clock so indignantly? It will show the time as it is. There is no use being angry with it. Just be patient sis.”Adhira heard his comment but she was not able to smile whole-heartedly. She then ate her lunch and went to her room pretending to study for exams.

By 4pm, Dhivya came with coffee cup to her room and informed her to get ready. Adhira went to wash her face and dressed up in brown color saree. She applied powder on her face and placed a small triangle shaped sticker on her forehead.

Dhivya saw Adhira who was neatly dressed and looking enchanting. Dhivya spoke up,” Don’t be late. Try to come home before 6pm. Is that clear?”

Adhira nodded her head and walked out but stopped when she saw her father opening the gate. He saw her dressed up so he asked,” Where are you going?”

Dhivya came and stood beside Adhira then said,”I informed you yesterday right that Gayathri came and invited her.”

Sridhar then nodded his head and said,” Don’t go alone. Where is Suresh?”

Adhira spoke up,” He is studying dad.”

“Call him.”

Dhivya was soft spoken in nature also she never screams so she went near him and called him,” Suresh, Dad is calling you.”

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