Innocence to Bravery (Part 5, page 2 of 8)

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Part 5

Adhira sat in her bed clasping her hands nervously. Suresh saw her behavior and asked,” Sis, Don’t you like him?”

She saw the anxious face of her brother who was eagerly waiting for her to say NO. She went near him and smiled then went to her restroom.

Suresh on the other hand took the smile that she had liked him. So he ran to his mom who was in kitchen and informed that Adhira likes that guy. Adhira changed her dress to skirt- tops and came back to sit on her bed.

She thought, ’How do I reject this proposal? Is there a way for me to get over this? Whatever it is, I must find a way and make sure that my dad doesn’t knew about it.’ She laid down on the bed clutching the pillow tightly which was aside.

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