Innocence to Bravery (Part 4, page 2 of 5)

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Part 4

Adhira refreshed herself up and wore a yellow with orange shaded saree. She came out and her mother handed her the coffee tray to her to pass to everybody. When she came out she saw a man getting inside and joining them. He came and sat at the center among the dozens of people.

Adhira saw him who was wheatish fair in complexion and was about her height. He was dressed up in chocolate brown shirt and beige color pants. The color complimented him well also he was looking handsome in this outfit. One among them shouted,” So the guy is here. Come and give coffee to him first.”

Adhira thought ‘So he is the guy. Doesn’t he know what punctuality is? Just a show off guy. I don’t like him.’

Arya saw Adhira who was holding the coffee tray in both her hands. He saw her hands which was like lotus flower. He liked the way she was holding so close to her belly which also displayed her hesitation and uneasiness. He saw her face hung low seeing the tray also gazing all the people. He saw her dressed up neatly in saree and had tied her hair loose which was so thick. She had applied lipstick also some amount of makeup which augmented her appearance.

Adhira walked slowly towards him and held the tray before him. She didn’t want to see him so she was waiting for him to take the coffee so that she can place in on the table and get rid of it.

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