Infinite Hate Undying Love (Part 10, page 1 of 2)

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Part 10

Speak of the devil and you'll find him.

As she closed the intricately carved door, she looked around. The marble floors lead to a staircase. While she descended the stairs along with Ares, she heard various voices talking with each other. It seemed as if they were arguing with each other. But one voice seemed familiar. Wait. Was it him?

As she descended the last step, she finally saw him. It was indeed him, Lares. And he looked really angry. There was one other sturdy looking man and a beautiful woman. They eyed her and then whispered something amongst themselves. Their conversation seemed to provoke Lares as she saw him grinding his teeth with fury.

"She is a criminal, not a princess. Then why is she being treated as one? Have you forgotten what she did? Or have you forgiven her for her wrongdoings?"

"It is still not definite if she is indeed the criminal Lares. You and I both know about it. Even if she is Atsit, there is no evidence that shows us that she committed the crimes that we are accusing her of. If anything she is falsely being accused in order to hide a worse offender", the sturdy man countered him.

So, this was going on.

" I'm sorry to interrupt but what this man has said is indeed true. I have not committed any crime. I do not even know what you are accusing me for. So, I accept to cooperate on your investigations as much as I can to clear my name", she could not hold herself back. She had to say this. All the people in the room were now staring at her with weird expressions.....

"And until the investigation is complete, she is the official guest of Lyonaz. The respectful Lord Alhambra has ordered her to be treated with care", Ares joined her. And there he winked at her again.

How could he be so playful even in such a serious atmosphere. Gosh! This guy surely is weird. She couldn't hold back her smile and gave him a million dollar one.

While she was looking at Ares, she didn't look at a pair of emerald green eyes carefully assessing her. There was a vibe of resentment emanating from him.

Suddenly there was a dangerous air in the room. Atsit looked around and found his stern gaze. He looked like he wanted to chew her whole. Her hands were sweating now. Even though she knew she was innocent he seemed to make her nervous everytime.

He smiled coldly.

" Let's see for how long the Lord of this land will continue to care for her. Because the day it stops I will be the one who will punish her", he said. He walked towards her and stopped right in front of her. "I will take away everything that you like away from you. And then I will make you repent in hell. Remember my words. I will be coming back to turn your life into a nightmare. And then none of these will be able to save you. "

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