Infinite Hate Undying Love (Part 8, page 1 of 2)

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Part 8

She woke up and found that her surroundings had changed. Instead if the vast sky there was a white ceiling. She was lying on a comfortable bed covered with a warm blanket. It was a beautiful room. The beige walls had intricate carvings. There was a painting on the wall beside her. It depicted a ship with lots of people amidst a storm. She had seen this painting somewhere. She tried to remember. Yes! It was a painting by Rembrandt. She had seen it in a newspaper article on stolen paintings. Was this painting the real one which was stolen? She was left dumb.

She looked around and saw the floor covered with an intricately carved persian rug. The windows had been adorned with Golden curtains that were embedded with gems.

Everything around her was exquisite and very expensive. She had never seen such things in her entire life. The bed she was sleeping in was so soft. She felt a lot pampered.

Suddenly a knock was heard on the intricately carved door. Ares peeked from it, "Are you awake? "

"Yes, I am. " Atsit replied.

He nodded and moved forward to bring the dinner. The room was filled with the aroma of the food. Her empty stomach started singing its tune. Gosh! This was so embarassing.

Ares smiled knowingly and uncovered the dishes.

Mmmm. Everything looked so delectable. She pounced on the meal like a hungry lion. In her haste she was eating with her hands as she always did. Ares sat beside her and served himself some of the food. Seeing him pick up a fork and spoon she felt embarassed. Oh God! She was so uncivilized. What must he be thinking of her?

Seeing her twisted face Ares smirked, "It's ok. You don't have to be so shy. I know that it's your habit. We know who you are now.

Huh? This was some revelation.

" So, can you give me my answers? Now that you know that I am not the culprit you have been looking for, you can surely tell me something.... "

"Yes. You see, I don't know how but you have teleported into a different dimension. And that is very difficult. Not even the higher ups here can do that."

"What? But how? " she asked. Was he bluffing. How peculiar.

"No, I am not bluffing. " he answered with a big grin.

Oh! Oh! Could he read minds?

Yes I can. I can communicate with you without using my voice.

She looked at his mouth. It wasn't moving. Wow!

Atsit, your name is borne here by a person we are looking for who has committed a grave crime. But you also have her mark on your wrist- the mark of a Avyu shaped like a crescent. So you are doubted. But when we traced your brain we did not get any info. So we now know that you are not the one.

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