Infinite Hate Undying Love (Part 9, page 1 of 2)

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Part 9

The word 'hostage' sent shivers down her spine. "So all this pampering is just a way of kidnapping me? " Atsit asked in an icy tone.

"No my dear, why would I kidnap you. Though you are surely so beautiful that I would love to keep you for myself", he winked at her.


" Yes my dear. You are dripping of innocence. But that does not mean you are ignorant. You have wisdom and the capability to learn. If taught well, you could easily surpass even our highest generals. Lucky would be the guy who would make you fall in love with him."

This guy was surely flirtatious. He was complementing her a lot. Or did he have some hidden motive for being nice to her.She diffused the confusion in her mind by asking, " Then why?"

"Because you could be that someone that we are looking for so we have to be extra sure. You see the person who we are looking for is very sly and cunning. And though I have some belief in you, others do not. I think I know why you are being implicated. You will come to know everything when the time comes. But the time has not come yet. You have to live in my world until that time comes.Until the investigation is complete. So I welcome you to my world as a guest. Please stay here for a few days. I promise you that you will be kept over here S A F E. So don't worry. And after our investigation is complete, I will make sure that you return to your world", he explained.

This made at least some sense but still.......

Seeing her uncertainty he added, "Also, we are taking full responsibility if your mother and sister until our investigation is complete. "

How did he know! But as he said these words his face held a meaningful look as if he was promising her.

But how did he find out about her family? And if he did know about her, then why was he still investigating her.

As if reading her thoughts he replied, "We did a background check on you. So we do know who you were. But that doesn't mean that you are not the culprit. Your planet, your name and everything about you is written in the chargesheet. It is written that you were hiding in earth as such so as to evade the suspicions. But again, we mapped your brain and none of your memories show us that you committed the crime. So we are at a loss! "

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