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Part 1

That day was the day it all started. The sunlight shone brightly as it did always. The birds were cooing as always. And everything was normal. Normal for everyone except her.

Neither the sunlight, nor the birds could pacify her breaking heart. Because amidst the beautiful scenery she saw a hanging corpse. It was lifeless. And it belonged to her father!

Her beloved father had died. His face looked so serene. So calm. Like he had given up on all the struggles and chosen the path of death. It was the easy way out.

For years he was suffering. Suffering from the fear that everyone wanted him dead. He thought the world was planning to have him murdered. He was a severe schizophrenic. He wouldn't go out neither did he allow Atsit, her sister or her mother to go out. So they all suffered. They were isolated from the world. But still they loved him. For he was a good father nevertheless.

Her heart was breaking but tears wouldn't come out of her eyes. She would have collapsed there on the floor if not for the tearful sobs of her little sister. She looked in that direction and realised what was happening.

Her father, after using up all the money that he had, had committed suicide. And here she was. Left to look after her destitute sister and frail mother after years of isolation. She had neither money nor any relatives. This house too was on rent and they would be ousted the moment the owners would come to know that they were penniless.

So, instead of grieving she looked around her. Whatever little that she had she packed. Then she called the police.

The police came. They completed all the investigation. And took away the body. Looking at the dead body of her father being taken away her tears started to fall slowly. No matter how much she tried she couldn't stop her tears. They just fell like raindrops. She cried and cried.

But then she looked to her little sister. And the tears stopped rolling. How could she cry her heart out when she had to comfort the hearts of her only family left? Her father had died, but wasn't that inevitable? The state that he was in, he could have killed them or himself. He chose to do the latter. So why should she grieve now. Instead she had to do everything now to survive along with her mother and sister. Crying would not do.

With this in mind, she went into the world. To survive. To live. And to make them live.

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