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Part 5

He wrapped his other hand around her neck and started wringing it. Atsit felt her life being drained away from her. She struggled to free herself but he was too powerful.

"Atsit! ", she cried in pain as his hold intensified. Just as she spoke her name, her abuser's hands around her neck left their position.

His eyes intensified. It was strange and she felt crazy but she was caught up in those emeralds. His gaze gave her chills. He looked her up and down as if assessing her. She had never felt like this before. Her eyes went to his rough lips and she licked hers.

He smirked. " So you're 'The One'. This will be fun. Friends, meet the one we were looking out for."

They looked at her with contempt.

"You are such a beauty. How could you do this? The blonde man asked.

" Yes, Ares is right. You look so innocent even though you are charged with such a grave crime", the Asian woman spoke.

"Lares, are you sure that she is the one?" the nerd spoke.

"Ares, Chang'e, Kutbay. You are daring to offend Lares for the enemy? Have you forgotten why we are here for?", the blonde spoke again.

Lares, who was listening to all of it had a calm expression. He spoke at last

" Arya, thanks for your support. But you do know that none of you can defy me. I am above you all. And my word is the rule"

"Capture her and drag her to the house."

In moments the soldiers surrounded her. She was dragged by them. She looked at that man called Lares leave along with his group. And just like that they vanished.

She couldn't believe her eyes. Just a while ago, they were standing there and then they just disappeared in thin air. What were they?

She was dragged until she came to a place. It was unique. There was a vast circular pavement amidst this large open space. She was taken to the centre and then everything went black. This was a unique feeling to her. She could think but there was nothing that she could see nor feel. It was as if she had lost her whole body. And it felt so peaceful.

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