Indebted (Chapter Two, page 3 of 9)

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"Why lend him so much?" choking on my sobs unable to finish.

Silence hesitating before he continued.

"He made me an offer I couldn't possibly refuse"

"What's that?" curiosity getting the better of me.

"You" he says simply.

"He offered me you as a my wife."

I snorted closing my big brown eyes, things like this only happen in the movies or in fairytale books. This was the real world and no way this could be happening to me.

"I have just purchase a five bedroom condo in Palm Beach, our home, one we will share together. "

My eyes snapped open ogling at the man before me, a dust of grey nestled between his dark wavy hair. Clearly he was far older than I am probably about a ten year difference give or take a little and not really my type.

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