Indebted (Part 4, page 1 of 11)

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Part 4

"Nickolai.. Um..I mean sir master please" swallowing trying not to get distracted with his hand massaging my butt as I tried to wiggle free.

Sex right now my body screamed for it but my head. He is the mafia, I'm indebted to him and I just want to break free from under this rubble.

"Relax Emily I will not hurt you" his hand sliding between my legs.

"I love your dimples on your thighs" I blush at the compliment.

"Tell me what experience you have with anal sex"

What anal. Will he take it that far? We already had vaginal and oral but anal never.

"None now let me go Nickolai please" and forget the money that has bounded us together but as usual I have lost the power of speech.

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