Indebted (Part 7, page 1 of 15)

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Part 7

It was very quiet, the room dimly lit. I am comfortable and warm opening my eyes as the bile gathered in my throat leaning over the edge I vomited in a black bucket that he had placed close to the bed, my surroundings unfamiliar, tranquil and serene.

"I am sorry sweetheart." squeezing my hand tightly trying to draw all the pain away but he couldn't no one could.

Cold sweat burst on my skin, my palms, across my neck I felt dizzy closing my eyes.

"Mummy come back please." I whisper forcing back a spring of salty tears.

"It's okay baby." squeezing my hand tighter until I could feel the pain ricocheting through my left arm but it didn't help I scarcely registered the pain, my body had grown numb, my heart bleeding.

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