Indebted (Chapter Six, page 5 of 13)

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Straightening my posture I studied the meun. Wow everything here was high priced running my fingers through my wavy black hair. Loose waves falling over my bare shoulders cascading down my back.

"Emily you look quite fantastic."

I was about to answer when a waitress came over to take our drinks order. She turned a rosy tint when she sees Nickolai, her eyes focus on him through long red bangs.

"You are Nickolai Carsarro, one of the most wealthiest bachelors in the world, top ten or so in the people magazine" her voice coming across in a rush her behavior unprofessional.

"Yes" he remarked, never making eye contact.

My mouth drops open, my breath race. If he is so damn rich why the hell he is nagging me for thirty five million dollars, when he could do the most charitable thing and forget the debt, this fueled my anger more.

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