Indebted (Chapter Six, page 3 of 13)

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My breath hitches as he reaches across and places his hand on my knee squeezing gently, my hand clenching the door handle. My breath stopped as a disconcerting pleasure moved through me squeezing my thighs.

"I hope you stop defying me Emily, as your future husband and dom I will not tolerate it." The vibration of his voice causes me to ache and tremble all over clenching my thighs tighter.

"I will defy you all I want" shoving away his hand.

"Please don't do that again" he snapped returning his hand.

My eyes widened drinking him in, I have been around powerful attractive men all my life. My stepfather, José and Jethro but they lack something that Nickolai Carsarro had in abundance.

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