Indebted (Part 8, page 1 of 10)

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Part 8

I awoken panic and fear overwhelming me. Broken memories slowly plague my mind as I stretched beneath the thick bedspread.

The vomiting, the beating, my mother's death.

I am still naked and on the bedside table, a glass of grape juice and pain killers. My breath caught in my trachea as I thought of my mother.

Get a grip Ross, things will get better with each passing day.

The setting sun created an orange glow amongst the clouds, soon darkness would take over and with the dawn of a brand new day things should be looking up for me.

I hope.

I stretched again my muscles sore, the room empty. I sat up gathering the covers around me as my stomach rumbled in desperate need of food, padding down the corridor of his exquisite home, soon to be our home.

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