Indebted (Chapter Seven, page 3 of 12)

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Was he really expecting sex?

He reaches for my hand slowly pulling it to his mouth, tenderly kissing the back.

"Are you not going to invite me in?"

My heart leaps to my mouth and onto the floor.

"Um-Um" faltering.

God help me please wrenching back my hand, nibbling my nails.

A ghost of a smile softening his sinful mouth, causing a shiver to move through me followed by a heated ache between my legs.

His eyes, his gaze darkened, his voice lowers intimately "unless you would rather go to my place."

"No" I whispered trying to breath air in air out.

Opening the car door I stumbled lightly. Okay Emily get a grip it's not like if you haven't slept with a man before.

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