Indebted (Chapter One, page 2 of 8)

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Greed Emily, greed and his pride gazing around the richly decorated bar.

His mistake could cost me everything. My mind fleetingly wondering to my three bedroom victorian home and Jasper my pet cat.

I smiled lightly as a customer approached the counter never taking my eyes off the front entrance, my stomach boiling with stress and adrenaline.

Run Emily run but where too?

Nickolai Casarro walked in alone wearing a crisp, expensive royal blue tailored suit, his dark eyes pinning me in place from across the room. He looked out of place amongst the sea of bodies. His don't fuck with me expression etched on his hideous face, a long white scar ran across his cheek bone.

Okay hideous was to harsh a word tugging my skirt, hidding my own flaws.

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