Indebted (Chapter Five, page 5 of 8)

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My thoughts wondering on what I should wear for our first date, my belly fluttering yet at the same time I close my eyes struggling to clamp down a flare of annoyance by the whole situation.

With a shaky inhalation I stood up dusting the crumbs off my pants.

"José would you mine helping me find something to wear?"

Moments later

"Dark or colorful" holding up two dresses in front of me. Jose looked amazingly serious sitting cross leg on my bed.

"You don't have to go out with that jerk Emily. Give me sometime and I would see what I could do"

"It's only dinner. But how much time do you really need?"

If anyone can help me it's Jose, he owns a small computer software company. I could stall him ensnare him in a sexual web until Jose comes up with the money. I have seen Alley manipulate the opposite sex hundreds of times. How hard can this be?

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