Indebted (Chapter Eight, page 3 of 19)

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"I want to take you from behind roll over Emily" his voice exhilarating but still, I could feel his erection pressing against my stomach.

"Emily" my name rolling heavily off his tongue, his face hardens and I risk my pride which is surprisingly hard to do.

"Lessen the debt for each time you have sex with me before our wedding Nickolai" maybe then I could accumulate the money if it is of a smaller amount.

He flips me over on my back, his hand pressing my wirst in the mattress on either side of my head, his face stony, anger flaring brightly within the dark depths of his eyes.

"You should be saying my body is yours Nickolai to do as you please, show me how to submit, I want to submit to you, teach me how to be the prefect wife, lover and companion."

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