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Part 1

When Monica was in elementry school her home town of Skylar Falls was a small city where everyone knew each other. Her great grandfather founded the small city which was mainly a farming town. The west bottoms consisted of silos, stockyards, and a small turkey plant. When she was in middle school the city aldermen voted to take some of the farmland that had been vacated by the farmer that had lived there Since the couple had no children their estate sold the land to the city which in return changed the zoning from agriculture to heavy industrial to bring more businesses into the city

‚Äč Monica was an A plus student ithroughout her middle and high school years She was active in community events and was a happy go lucky young woman.. In her senior year of high school a community college and police academy opened in her town which brought in a lot of young adults to their city. After she gradurated she got a job as a file clerk at the local police department during the evening while she attended the community college during the daytime..When she wasn't woking she would drive to the Indian reservation and enjoyed listening to their music and watch their dancing. When one particular officer found out where she was spending her non working hours he pretended to be worried about her.

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