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Part 3

Bridget's biggest decoration season for the new year was Valentine's Day netting her and Patti over ten thousand dollars Their second biggest day was Easter netting almost ten thousand dollars, The third biggest day was Saint Patrick's Day which netted them around eight thousand. Bills were paid on time and Bridget gave her two weeks noticed at the grocery store to spend more tim at the shop and to enjoy her freshly painted home. After there was no longer a chance for a hard freeze Bridget took the cans off of the rose bushes. She also placed the outdoor patio furniture on the patio

​ She was now having Brandy every weekend. Brandy's birthday was coming around very soon. She would be turning sixteen The government was dealing with the budget and had to change a lot of the programs funding. The state senate and congress decided to change some of the rules in all programs including the foster program they decided that they would lower the age to drop the children in foster care by two years Bridget just hugged Brandy and told her she would clean grandma's spare room and Brandy could decorate it any way she wanted..

​ While cleaning out grandma's catch all room Bridget found a metal file box. She took into the kitchen and placed it on the table. She fixed herself a bowl of soup and a sandwich. While eating she went through the box to see if there was something important that needed to be taken care. She ran across a name that her parents had never mentioned before but in her heart she knew he must have been a relative of some kind. She opened the file and realized that her fsther had a younger cousinr who had been in trouble with law several times and was edgible for porale sometime within the next year or so. His name was Richard Lane

​ Upon investigating him more she realized that he wasn't an actual relative. That he was a con man who was stealing people's identity. She wondered if he stoled her father's cousin identity The picture the DOJ showed she knew he must of done just that. She found out that her father' cousin was suspected as a victim of his crime.He had robbed him and beaten him so severley that he had to be committed into a twentyfour hour facility. When he was caught he stated that a relative of his way going to pay for him being locked up.She asked one of the decons that was a deputy if he could get the scoop on him

. He called her back and informed her that he wasn't a relative of hers He came from the south. He had been one of three men who had robbed a bank a few years back. None of the money had been found. He had worked for her father being a garden keeper and decided to borrow their last name. He never told the police his true identity Bridget was relived that he wasn't a relative. She wondered where him and the others had stashed. the money. On Brandy's sixteenth birthday Bridget picked her and her personal items up and moved her into their grandmother's cottage. Bridget found the entry way into the attic in Brandy's closet

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