In a Blink of an Eye (Part 4, page 2 of 4)

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Part 4

​ Bridget had the shop's phone going to her cell phone to keep the shop's business going. Patti was coming in more too. Allison also started showing up un announced. The three older women was not just trying to keep Brandy from worrying but to make sure she was safe. Whoever was making the calls wasn't staying on the phone long enough to be tracked.

​ Bridget recieved a note saying she shouldn't have turned in the cash from the robbery a few years ago and someone was going to pay for it She wondered if the note and calls was connected. She wasn't going to let anything slip by her if possible. This young man that knew Brandy from school stopped by one evening to ask her out on a date. After he left she sensed that someone else was in the shop also. She called Bridget to come to the shop.

Bridget found the outside back door was unlocked and left open. Both of them dismissed it thinking when Bridget brought back the un used decorations she must not have closed the door Bridget made sure the door was locked She asked the gardner and handyman if he could put some other kind of lock on the back door so no one could get in from the outside.

​ He bought a couple of brackets and fixed a piece of wood that would fit into the brackets to secure the back door. No one would be able to get in that door. That did make Brandy feel safer. Bridget also got a security company to come out and install a security system at the shop. It also had a silent alarm to the police department. One night Bridget worked so Brandy could go out on a date to the drive in movie with her new boyfriend and thought everyone had left the store before closing and saw a set of feet behind a rack of costumes. She grabbed her handgun that the deacon at her church had given her plus He gave her shooting lessons.She released the safety on the gun.

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