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Part 4

Brandy ended her sophmore year living in foster care and the beginning of her junior year living with her sister Bridget in their grandmother's cottage and working after school at the party shop. Bridget could afford to pay Brandy since she upgraded her business to also include being a party planner. For being in her early twenties Bridget was extremely professional and more mature than most young women her age

​ Her first assignment as a part planner was her own sister's sixteenth birthday party. Shad help from Patti which was still working at the grocery store in the bakery. Patti helped her bake the cake and decorate it. she had several little party appetzers and served cold pop and punch made from juice and soda. The party was a hit..That was their practice run. Their foster mother had taken a leave of absence from her teaching at a school.

​ She was a home economics teacher She made their menus up and even cooked the meaals while Brandy baked the deserts including cakes, cupcakes, pies. Their first official paying job was a wedding in the park. The couple had invited about one hundred guest. It rained that morning and the event was moved inside in the observation room. It was a little crowed but it went wel

​ A couple of months after Bridget started being a party planner.she started getting calls. First it was just the wrong number calls, then the hang up without saying anything, then the loud breathing calls. Brandy was scared that she didn't want to even answer the shop's phone much less their home phone.

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