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Part 1

​ Bridget continued to have Sunday dinner with the foster family. Brandy was thirteen and was allowed to spend Friday and Saturdays with Bridget.During one of those weekend Bridget and Brandy repainted the inside of the garage and the only friend that Bridget had which worked with her at the store started a business out of the garage. They open a party decoration shop and made pinatas, and oter party items for all holidys plus other occasions. Bridget's partner Patti had been taught to sew by her mother so she taught Bridget to sew also so they made costumes for Halloween.

A lot of the neighborhood came to their shop regularly. Bridget worked the day shift at the grocery store and evenings at her party shop and Patty did just the opposite so their shop could be open regular store hours One of the costumes they made was a black pull over ankle length straight gown with a seperate circular mask with one eye that look like it was either blinking or winking.

They made the costumes for both children and adults. Their foster parents brought the ten children who was still living at the home one evening and bought them all halloween costume and Bridget gave them a discount on every costume plus a pinata made like the odd shape circular mask . It was cuter than the mask for the costume.

​the foster parents had a halloween party which the pinata was hung on a tree and the younger children had fun trying to break it so everyone could share the candy. Afterwards they all clean up the patio. they had the party the night before Halloween due to some of the foster children wanted to go trick or treaty with their biological parents.


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