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Part 1

Bridget remembered the nightmthat her parents died in the fire her younger sister Brandy and her was at a sleepover at a church youth camp. She remembered that their youth pastor took her aside while one of the women sat with Brandy and was informed of their deaths. It was her call to tell Brandy about their parents. One of their Sunday school teachers took them to their home. It was burned down to the ground with only the fireplace till standing but in bad shape.

​ The fire had spread to the family's un attached tool shed but left the garden house and un attached garage. Bridget told the authorities about a will that was in a bank safety deposit box and another one with their lawyer named Mack something. The authorities knew who Mack was and got a copy of their will. In the will they had no relatives so and they requested that a friend of theirs and a church member would finish raising the girls. The family that they had choose left the country on a three year mission trip. The judge ordered the girls into faster care.

​ With Brandy being eight years old and in elementry school adjusted to the school and had many friends that would continue their schooling in the same grade Brandy would. It was a lot harder for Bridget. With her looks she had boys interested in her but was shunned by the girls. She wa surrounded by some of the girls in the shower room and they cut her hair. Then they posted bad things about her using poster paper. They took her picture and made posters that she was available for a good time and used the foster parents telephone number

​ The foster parents knew she had done nothing to deserve this and went around tearing down the posters. They took one of the posters and showed it to the principal which took up for whoever had posted the posters and suspended Bridget from school for wearing an outfit that he deemed not suitable for school. She was allowed to finish school at home. That continued through her tenth grade of school. When she turned sixteen Bridget got a job at the cornor grocery store and enjoyed working. She had the foster parents to home school her.

They were allowed to due to the fact they were teachers themselves. Her foster father talked to the Lane's lawyer about their family's property in probate court and made arrangement with the probate judge that Bridget being sixteen she could use her paycheck to pay off the upjeep on the property. In no time she had the two years of up keep on the property paid off. By then Bridget was eighteen and out of foster care

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