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Part 2

In the bathroom they divided up the wall painting the top part light blue and the bottom part a medium gray While the teenagers cleaned and painted let.Bridget able to keep the shop open for business. Bridget worked on designing the Valentine's decoration. She had been working in the shop. most of the day filling orders to be delivered to venues. across the country.

She packed the boxes with the decorations. She made sure to put the invoice inside the boxes then taped and labeled the boxes. Patti's boyfriend came and loaded his van and left to deliver the boxes of decorations to the local venues. She called one of the delivery business to pick the boxe heading out of town.

​ She walked over to check out her new home and grandma's old home and was very pleased to see what they had done. She paid them for their work. She told them they were life savers. Bridget was able to rest the next day instead of trying to clean and paint. They had even hung the artwork and pictures in the right space The next day she attended church and found a name of a chimney sweeper from the paster's wife. When she got home she placed the call and he was able to come out the next day to clean the fireplace chimney out.

​ She cleaned off the table in the kitchen so she could start working on the Saint Patrick's Day decorations. Her best one was a leprachaun on one end of a rainbow and a pot of gold on the other end which a person would hang it up on a wall. In her display that she took a picture of her table display The decoration was hung over a pot of gold buttons that resembled gold coins, She was way ahead of her schedule but she loved to decorate and really loved her job.

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