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Part 2

Bridget lived in one part of the three bay garage while trying to build up her and Patti's party shop The business started off slow but by the end of the year more people came in for their New Years Eve parties so Bridget had to decide to either expand the shop's storage room or rent a bigger building . She hadn't wanted to move into the garden house for a special reason. She remembered her grandma Lane had lived there untill she died of cancer.

​ Bridget remembered when she was younger that she would go over to the garden house and sit with her grandmother reading her books to her while her grandmother was looking out the window that she had brought home from the school library before her death. She also remembered when she was even younger helping her grandmother and her parents plant the rose bushes around the edge of the patio

She grabbed the key to the garden house and walked over to her grandmother's home When she unlocked the door there was a musty smell to the place She started opening up the windows. when she went into her grandmother's room she could smell her favorite perfume and shook it off thinking it was the rose garden flowers coming in the open windows

​ The curtains and pictures on the wall was very dusty. Bridget took pictures of where the framed artwork and family photos was on the wall She dusted the glass off of the family photos. She wanted to hanf them back up exactly how her grandmother had them. She went to the utility closet and found the step stool and all of her grandmother's cleaning items that she needed to clean the garden or guest house. She knew she should have moved in there instead of spending at least six months in one room of the three bay garage. She just wasn't ready for that yet.

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