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Part 1

"What is it like to grow old and never be married?" This is a question that I've asked of my best friend who was single، "So far no girl is in my life and I'm feeling like I won't get any", he told me, "I've never been kissed and that is why my father calls me a priest!" It might not seem like that, but his answer changed the course of my life! , He continued، "I think every relationship will end badly، Whenever I tried to start a relationship with a girl, The girl with despair will tell me that: I'm so so sorry for you", I don't want to be alone", He said it with deep feeling while suddenly opened his left hand, "I actually hate it to be alone, But what can I do، This fucked up new World do not care what do I want or what I don't want, Technological advances have been miserable for people like me، Evolution requires the ability to adapt to sudden changes in life conditions، I simply failed to reconcile myself with sudden changes, so I am simply doomed!". No doubt my best friend is One of the most intelligent person in History of human kind, and no doubt he was on the verge of extinction!. Be honest with yourself، If you fail at every attempt you take to change your life what will you do? You probably can only hope for a better future, a foolish hope that just keeps you alive!.

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