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Part 1

The world changed on March 11, 2020 when Covid-19 was declared a pandemic, which meant it covered almost every country and continent. Some experts say the world will never be the same now. While almost all areas and aspects of life were affected by the chaos caused by Covid-19, students were hardest hit by the pandemic. Covid-19 has affected students from all angles. Let's look at the negative effects in a moment.

1. Due to the need to observe social distancing and isolation, schools, colleges and universities have been closed and students have been put in trouble. Learning has shifted from the classroom to the online classroom, with many hidden consequences. The essence of the class was that the teacher was always there to help the student. However, since there are no classes, teachers are available for a maximum of an hour or two during online lessons. Projects, case studies, and homework are available online, but there is no assignment guide. The current situation has led students to conclude that face-to-face communication is of great importance in the learning process and online courses cannot fully replace classroom activities.

2. Students, especially younger ones, have constant problems completing Assignment Writing Services . The only way to help with homework during this crisis is through parents, but even their bosses ask them to work from home. Because of this situation, students today are exposed to additional stress and anxiety.

3. The problem does not end there if the students are left unassisted, missing key concepts of their studies and ending up badly in exams, indirectly affecting their careers and future.

4. Some teachers in developing countries are not equipped with the proper tools to deliver classes online, and so are many students who do not have such devices as a laptop or tablet, or even a proper internet connection.

5. In addition, there are certain areas such as art and painting that are even more difficult to cover in online Essay Help courses.


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