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Part 1

A lot of Katherine's friends could remember when they were at least five or six. One of them even remembered when she was four which was remarkable. Katherine tried but nothing came to her and more than that she didn't have any pictures of herself or her family until the second grade when her only living relative her aunt Sophia spent one a few years overseas in Italy. They didn't move back to America until she was about ten and in the fourth grade.

‚Äč She wasn't sure if she was born in America but her aunt Sophia assured her that she was and showed her a birth certificate that stated she was born in a little town somewhere close to an American Indian reservation and her parents didn't want her so her aunt took her and that was it. Her aunt never really wanted to talk about it and that one time after she showed her the heading she threw it in the fireplace. and burned it. Later she was told that when she was older she could could get another one.

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