His Innocent Designer (Part 6, page 3 of 9)

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Part 6

Jay was well dressed in a designer black suit. It was as if the suit had been tailored according to his lean body type. Cia felt strongly attracted to him. She knew she had to curb this attraction otherwise it would destroy their friendship.

“Come on Cia I am the host and I will be late for the party. Although with you looking like this people can well understand my reason for being late. Plus I will be excused for bringing the star of the party with me.”

“Jay you are too much. Now can we proceed?”

The party was held at Le meridian Delhi, a known five star. Their ballroom had been decorated with blue and white ribbons and the tables had a similar décor with white tablecloths and blue candles in the middle. The samples of the new A & J Modern collection were displayed on mannequins.

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