His Innocent Designer (Part 8, page 1 of 7)

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Part 8

In the morning Jay wakes up in Cia’s room. He recalls the night in which he made love to Cia not once but twice. Though Cia was a virgin she was a quick learner. The first time they made love Cia was slightly apprehensive but the second time she gave herself freely.

His experience had been mindblowing. Though he had slept with many women before but this was different.

Maybe because his feelings were involved for the first time. He always had sex and then went back to his room but tonight he had slept the entire night with somebody. Also he felt protective towards Cia.

Here in Jodhpur Jay got to see another carefree girlish side of Cia. She laughed a lot and enjoyed the local cuisine. There was no pretense in her. He realized that she is totally different from any other women he has known. He also realized that his feelings for her were getting stronger by the day.

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