His Innocent Designer (Part 4, page 3 of 15)

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Part 4

“Cia what sort of person do you think I am? I tend to live a simple life enjoying life to the fullest. You should not believe what you read in those rubbish tabloids.”

“I don’t believe on tabloids. I believe whatever I see with my own eyes. You have been quite busy the past week and that to with beautiful women. Though it is none of my business.”

“Are you jealous Cia? Would you want to take their place? I don’t mind if you join me for dinner since I enjoy the company of pretty women.”

“Why would I be jealous? I told you I am here to prove myself not to romance anyone.”

Before Jay could react they had reached the design studio. It was a full day for Cia as she was to finalize her sketches today. After the designs were finalized then they would decide on the colour and the fabrics.

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