His Innocent Designer (Part 9, page 3 of 4)

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Part 9

She celebrates Diwali half heartedly and goes back to Gurgaon the next day.

Ever since Cia was back she was avoiding Jay continuously. He was feeling bad because he had asked her to dinner so many times but she would refuse. She was also losing a lot of weight and Jay was worried.

Next week she received a phone call from her mom stating that her dad was seriously ill. Jay offered to take her home but she refused.

When Cia reached home it was to find that her father had suffered a heart attack but was out of danger now.

However her father was very weak so Cia decided to stay and help him recover.

Jay called Cia regularly to check on her father but it seemed as if Cia was deliberately delaying her comeback . Jay missed her terribly. He missed her laughter, the way her eyes sparkled when she was happy. He missed seeing her sitting on the porch drinking her morning tea. He even missed her in his office. So, after fifteen days he decided to give her a surprise visit.

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