Her One Night Stand (Part 10, page 3 of 8)

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Part 10

“Of course not. Myra is mine and I trust her fully. If you may now excuse us I would like to take her out for dinner.”

“But Ritwik I still have work to do?”’ Myra was furious with Ritwik’s behavior.

“When was your last meal, darling?”

“I had a light breakfast. After that there was no time for lunch.”

“Do, I need to remind you that you need to look good on our wedding day so please don’t starve?” Ritwik could not give the real reason so this was the best excuse he could come up with.

They left for dinner at a nearby Chinese restaurant. Myra could just about have her soup but no food after that. She looked very tired and seemed to have lost weight as well still she was very beautiful. He wanted to take care of her to take her in his arms but her independent streak prevented him from doing so.

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